7. Installation image

The last %begin script should create an installation image in a temporary directory, given by the __installdir shell variable. For example, if the application installs a program file /usr/bin/gizmo, this file should be installed as $__installdir/usr/bin/gizmo.


$__installdir is initially empty, so it is necessary to create the directories $__installdir/usr and $__installdir/usr/bin, before installing the gizmo file there. This should be taken care of automatically by automake-derived makefiles. Otherwise this is something the %begin script needs to do by itself.

In other words, at the conclusion of the build process, $__installdir should contain all files installed by the application, in their correct locations. lpbuild meticulously verifies the contents of $__installdir against the package file manifests.

LPMtool runs several scripts to reduce the size of the installation image. These scripts are described in Section 13.4.3, “Compression macros”.