Chapter 4. Current status

Although LPMtool is considered to be in an experimental status at the moment, it is perfectly capable of making itself useful in a mainstream Linux distribution. LPMtool includes scripts and hooks that allow LPMtool to play second fiddle to the primary system package manager. The mklpmcompat(1) script runs on RPM-based systems and imports resources from the system RPM database into LPMtool. On non-RPM platforms the mksyscompat(1) script provides a similar service.

LPMtool's configuration script should be able to detect the following Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE (Debian is not RPM-based, and requires additional steps to allow LPMtool to coexist alongside Debian's package manager). LPMtool's configuration file should be able to detect the following platforms: Intel/AMD 32 and 64 bit CPUs, s390 (probably), and sparc (probably).