setauthrepo — Initialize a restricted access LPMtool package repository


setauthrepo realm repository


setauthrepo assigns a realm to a restricted access LPMtool package repository that's managed by the lpmauthrepo(8) script. repository should be an LPMtool primary repository that's already created by the lpm --init primary command, in a directory that's a part of a AllowOverride FileInfo hierarchy (see lpmauthrepo(8)).

setauthrepo installs .htaccess and a TIMESTAMP.timestamp file in each platform-specific subdirectory in repository. The inner workings of these files are not important. The only thing that matters are the final results: only clients that possess a valid authorization key in the realm will now be able to access the packages in the repository.

If an authorization realm is already set for the repository (presumably by an earlier invocation of setauthrepo), it gets superceded by the new realm.


repository may be a direct reference to a single architecture-specific subdirectory of a primary repository. The new authorization realm replaces any existing realm in this single subdirectory, only.